VIRAL (2021)

Short film, Social Justice, Comedy, LGBTQ+

Viral is selected by:

- 2022 Vers Awards in The Netherland and Belgium
- 2022 Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) in Los Angeles
- 2022 Short Movie Sunday in Amsterdam
- 2021 Da Bounce Urban Film Festival (DBUFF) in Amsterdam
- 2021 Nederlandse Film Festival (NFF) student competition in Utrecht


Nina (26 years old) and her friends have made a music video which has gone viral. They are getting ready for their first TV appearance. As it turns out, they’ve been led to the broadcast under false pretences, which puts Nina in a dilemma: should she pursue her career in the media landscape in what appears to be an unfair system, or should she, as an underrepresented Black artist, take this unique opportunity to make a statement against it?

Watch VIRAL here: