About Me

Shriejan Paudel | Filmdirector

Graduated from Nederlandse Film academie, Regie Fictie L2021 (Dutch Film Academy, Film Director)

Film has the power of connecting people. By sharing stories, showing new perspectives and touching our hearts. We live in a tough world where people are full of judgment. We're biased. When we look at another person, we see a physical appearance, or a religion. I think we should look at each other in a different way and discover the stories surrounding us. I will help to make te world a better place by using the power of film!


My name is Shriejan Paudel. I live in Amsterdam, but wasn't raised here. I was born in a city called Zoetermeer, The Netherlands on the 22nd of August in 1990. My mother was born in Suriname, South America and my father in Nepal, Asia. They met each other in The Netherlands. Here I grew up with my older sister and my younger brother. I have always been aware of my origin and culture. Others considered me different because of my skin color, which wasn't always easy. Yet, these experiences have made me who I am today and are the inspiration for my work.  In the stories I tell through film, I take my history with me. I believe that's the best way to inspire others!


I moved to Amsterdam at the age of 19 and have lived there ever since. I started off in the film industry as an actor. After I finished acting school I tried to do many auditions. But very soon I noticed that the castings I was invited to, were mostly about a guy from the streets, a drugdealer, a pimp or a criminal. Never the good guy and never the main role. I asked myself: if they only cast me me for these roles? Do people only see me like this? This is something I aspire to change, so I started directing myself.


My talent for directing is way better than acting. So i'm on the right track now. I tell the stories of people who aren't given the chance as much. I want to discuss themes that are taboo, because I believe there are none. I want to use the power of film for the people that deserve it and have been silenced long enough. Our stories are worth telling!