ON MY WAY (2023)

Psychological Thriller, Drama

Not wanting to disappoint his best friend Omar again, Jayden (23) tries to overcome his social anxiety by going outside after a long time. 


On My Way is selected by:

- 2023 Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) 


Cast & Crew

Director: Shriejan Paudel

Screenwriter: Ashanti Vreden

Producer: Greg Macousi

Cast: Jhamal Emanuelson & Safaa Khelifati

Cinematographer: Yavuz Selim Isler

Editor: Richelle van Loon

Production Design: Shaniqua Etienne

Sound Design: Coen Bruins & Bas Gijzen

Music: Max Abel


De Ontmoeting

Directeur: Sacha Gertsik

Project manager: Safirah Dijkstra

Business leader: Ema Cvrkota



Producer: Iris Lammertsma

Head fiction department: Natasja Möhrs

Junior Producer: Maud Keunen